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Drywall Specialties’ 2.1 oz. asphalt-saturated, 20X10 filament woven fiberglass fabric stands out for its exceptional durability and flexibility due to its impregnated oxidized asphalt binder. Resistant to acid, physical deterioration, heat exposure, mold, algae and mildew. Will not rot. Widely used in waterpoofing, flat roofing, sport court repair and pipe wrap. Works well with hot or cold liquid bitumen systems and water-based elastomeric coatings. Much higher tensile strength than asphalt cotton.

4" x 150' 2.1 oz. Asphalt Saturated 20X10 Roofing Repair Mesh

  • Colour: Black

    Weight: (after coating)  ≥1.92 oz/yd² (≥65g/m²)

    Weight: (before coat) ≥1.77 oz/yd² ±0.09/yd² (52g/m² ±3g/m²)

    Dimensions: 6 in. wide and 150 ft. long (12.7 cm x 45.72 m) 

    Material: (Tex) Warp 33 x 1 Tex Weft 66 Tex

    Density: (counts/inch)  Warp 20 ± 2; Weft 10 ± 1

    Weave: Type  Plain

    Saturant Type:  Oxidized Asphalt

    Tensile Strength: Warp ≥75 lb./in.  (≥ 680 N/50mm); Weft ≥75 lb./in.  (≥ 680 N/50mm)

    Resin Content:  ≥26%

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